17 Doggy Posts from this week that will make you scream “Totally Adorable!”

Doggies, puppers and TOTALLY ADORABLE stimkies

1. This lovely pupper was excited to show off his colorful Pride tail!

2. One little cutie cuddling another little doggie:


3. This TikTok Video could change the heart of the entire world.

4. He finally got his downward dogs right!

5. And she munched:

6. This little darling could be the happiest sausage in the entire world.

7. The Gee-Man! *flicks on dark shades*

8. The bells

9. She should be allowed to join the Olympics!

10. My *hart*! My *Sole*! *clutching my heart at the sight of the cuteness overload*

11. This little doggy wanted his din-din and he wasn’t planning on waiting:

12. Reaction Video, Anyone?!



14. This puppet attempted to run away, but nice try:

15. HE *BOING*:

16. Can I be excluded from this narrative?

17. He will always love his brother.💖💖💖

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