17 Proofs That We Are The Pets, Not Dogs And Cats. We Have Photos!

Nothing is as deadly as a sleeping pet.

We have all experienced it

You watch them as they suspiciously lay on you, there is no part of your body they will not lay on. As long as they can feel warm and continue to drift into a sleep that is almost too deep.

And so, you have been successfully and officially trapped by your pet. You are not allowed to move an inch.

Never in your wildest imaginations would you have imagined that this is how it would end. You only hold onto the hope that someone brings you some water and food.

But then again, you have to pray and hold onto the hopes that you do not need to use the restroom soon.

You are not allowed to wake them up, so you have to go with the flow.

In your mind, you keep hoping that this is just a brief nap, but thirty minutes later, you realize that this is definitely not a short nap.

Soon enough, you cannot feel your limbs, and gradually, you acknowledge that you are your pet’s new bed.

Could it be that this is what life had in store for you? To become a cat pillow? You begin to think about the pros and cons of becoming a cat pillow.

What number do you dial for extremely adorable emergencies?

People will coo at your pet when you share the evidence and call for help.

But nobody ever “awws” at you, the trapped victim

As a pet parent, the deadliest and most adorable things to ever see are your pets when they are asleep

All you need to know is that whenever you need me, I will be here.

I pray that your furry friend enjoys their long rest

I also hope that you can scratch that itch you have been trying to ignore for the past sixty minutes.

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