19 Dads who changed their Minds about Having Dogs Quickly

A dog is man’s best friend.

1. This dad who started DIY-ing for his favorite friend.

2. Does this not remind you of 007?


3. This dad who was tamed by a little pup

4. This dad who will always have his dog’s back

5. This dad who presented his doggie with a forever gift

6. This dad who only has too much love for his dog

7. This dad can perfect the Doggie and Me selfie


8. This dad who noticed his pockets and took the chance.

9. This dad who was almost more excited than his dog about a walk

10. This dad who figured out the best way to start exercising.

11. This dad who is almost literally attached to his doggy

And my Dad said he didn’t want a dog…

12. This dad who has a similar raincoat with his dog


13. This dad who has a new crib

14. This dad who gave his dog a lavish experience

15. This dad who most likely has twelve dogs right now

16. This dad who says he doesn’t want any dogs but has been caught working with them


17. This dad who understands just how important belly rubs are

18. This dad who knows exactly what his cold dog needs…it’s not a hot cup of coffee

19. And lastly, this dad who used the front camera.

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