24 Facts That Apply To You As Long As You Have A Dog

#4 we all know that the bed belongs to your dog. You’re only permitted to lay on it.

1. The first fact is that over ninety-nine percent of the pictures in your gallery are just pictures of your dog.


I don’t blame you. They always look so amazing in pictures!

2. Privacy is like diamonds falling from the skies. It never happens as long as your pet is home.

Again, you cannot be blamed if your dog always wants to be with you.

3. You speak to your dog like you would talk to a friend. Most of the time, you always think about what they would say in reply, and you imagine them saying it in their voices

And you already know how their voices sound

4. We all know that the bed belongs to your dog. You’re only permitted to lay on it.

I’m sure we all know who uses up all the space in the bed

5. Other people’s dogs are used as a means of identification for them. You hardly use their names.

Most times than often, you refer to people or you identify them with their dogs. Like, ‘Isn’t that our neighbor, the woman with the Chihuahua?’

6. It feels like you’re a million miles away from your dog whenever you leave home without them.

It just keeps tugging at your heartstrings 🙁

7. When you get back, and you don’t see them immediately, you begin to feel very anxious

In this scenario, there are two possibilities; something happened to your properties, or something happened to them, and none of those possibilities is ever not scary.

8. Whenever its payday, you habitually know that majority of your money goes into taking care of your furry friend.

Most of the time you would spend your money on your dog before remembering you have to pay the water bill.

9. Every time, you spend way more than you should without even realize.

Helena is a good girl, and she needs ten toys, eight balls, and seven sweaters. She deserves it.

10. More than once, you have bought a pile of outfits for your doggy

We know –you and I know that you have dressed your furry friend to match your outfit at least one time.

11. You take any possible chance to dress your dog by the season

We know you have purchased at least three Christmas themed scarves for your dog

12. When you cannot give your dogs precisely what they want, you begin to feel like the evilest person on the globe.

Their eyes will continue to make you feel guilty.

13. The worst thing is stepping on their tail or paw, and you still cannot apologize to them enough

It is the worst feeling

14. Acceptance that dog hair on all of your clothes is now a dress code.

Think of it as taking them along with you. Everywhere!

15. You never look for items wherever you keep them because you know that the will surely be returned after a few days along with teeth marks all over.

It is an aspect of this kind of life. You can only embrace it.

16. You hate to leave your dog with someone else whenever you have to travel for a while

You always keep hoping that they never get too attached to their sitter and hope that they miss you as much as you miss them

17. You spend more time on your dog’s Instagram and Twitter accounts than yours

You always ensure they follow the accounts of other dogs as well.

18. You always try to ‘help’ your dog take selfies

To be honest, this never goes out of style

19. You hate it when people insult your dog, but it’s fine when you do it because it is born from the love

‘Alright, who is the most adorable hideous doggie here?’

20. Dog poop becomes a natural phenomenon

You always deal with poop so now, and it’s a regular occurrence.

22. Whenever you make plans, you always put your doggie into consideration

If they do not accept dogs at the hotel, then you do not want to go there

22. Your dog still gets the five-star treatments from you while you get the four-star treatments from you

You would prefer to spend all of your money on them without a doubt

23. Your heart races with excitement and joy as you hear the sound of their paws

They feel just as excited and happy as you!

24. And you are sure that you might never be able to pay back the never-ending love your doggie has shown you.

It’s a fact.

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