A UPS Driver takes Beautiful Pictures with Dogs as He Goes about His Daily Job

I assure you that this will bless you with an overload of cuteness and purity

Jason Hardesty or just Jay is a UPS driver who makes the best friends as he works daily, can you guess? Yes! Dogs

Jason Hardesty is a thirty-year-old UPS driver who continues to bless our timelines with pictures of doggies that he comes across as he drives around New Orleans and it is the cutest thing.

It began about two years ago when Jason was relocated to a different route in a fresher and younger community.

He said that at his old route, it was difficult to find any dogs that liked you and most of the people who lived there were families. A few years later he was moved to a new community with younger residents and people who were in his age bracket with approachable dogs. He also said that the dogs in this new location and visibly excited and the allow you to pet them

As he continued to do his own thing on his Instagram page, things changed for him when the famous author Jami Attenberg –who coincidentally lives on the same route where Jason works –gave out a link to his tag for he and his dogs #pupsofjay and it is not difficult to understand why she did it.

The smile on Jason’s face is kind of hard to ignore when he’s with the dogs.

He got a thumbs up from Neko Case, a music producer.

He also tries to know more about the puppies, like this little guy whose name is Kash.

This cute little man is Prince.

After some time, it became a little hard not to love some of them as well. This is Bell and Oy.

He said that one of them would always come to play with him, but the other was shy, but a few days before the dogs left the community, the shy one let James get close for a few pets.

Another one he says is among his favorites is Summer.

It might be a little difficult, but Jason tries as much as possible to post only one dog every Friday evening, and he tells us that there is a long list of dogs that we are yet to see.

Jason does not own a dog currently; however, he tells us that the best part of the day is when he gets to spend time with the dogs. He loves it, and so do the dog owners.

He said that the owners are happy with the fact that their dogs enjoy his company and he enjoys the company of the dogs as well.

You can check out the cuteness overload on his Instagram account, probably follow to see more pictures of Jason and the puppies or you can search with the tag #pupsofjay.

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