A Woman Who Has Been Arrested for Throwing Puppies into the Trash Has Been Declared Guilty of Hounding Thirty Eight Dogs in Her Home

The animal service officials who found the hounded dogs at the home of Deborah Culwell have defined it to be in a deplorable condition. Please note that a few images are unsettling.

The woman in question who is Deborah Sue Culwell, fifty-two years of age has been arrested on the count of animal cruelty. A surveillance recording had caught her dumping seven puppies into a trashcan in Coachella, California when her home was searched, thirty-eight dogs were found. However, they have been taken into custody by the animal services.

The unsettling pictures of these dogs which she hid in her home have been provided by Riverside County Animal Services.

After Deborah had been arrested as a result of the newborn puppies she threw into a dumpster, a lot of dogs were found at her home, and it was quite apparent that these dogs were not taken care of.

The public information officer from Animal Services, John Welsh had said that they had to take away all of the thirty-eight dogs that were discovered because they were unsure of the person who would take care of them following the arrest of Deborah.

The officials from animal control had to continue working even after eight on Monday as a result of the condition of the house and the presence of other dogs.

(Please note that some of the pictures of the dogs in the house are unsettling.)

When a surveillance video was released on Friday, it was seen that Deborah was driving towards the trash of a car parts store in a White Jeep and she swiftly throws the bag containing the puppies into the garbage.

A man without a roof over his head who has been identified as John was searching through the dumpster a while after she had thrown the puppies into it. He found the bag that held the puppies and carried them to the car parts store. A member of staff from the store called the Riverside County Animal Services

Had the man not found the dogs early enough, they would have been dead.  The puppies were found to be about three years old, and they are terrier mixes. They were moved to a resident rescue group where they are currently being taken care of.

At the moment, Debora Sue Culwell is at a prison in Indio, California, and she has been charged with no less than seven criminal counts.

All of the thirty-eight dogs that were confiscated from her home seemed to be slightly hale and healthy, and they have been carried to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus.  It is believed that the dog who birthed the seven puppies could be one of the thirty-eight
confiscated dogs.

At the moment, the dogs are not open to adoption for now because they are still regarded as “seized animals.”

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