Dog Lost At Sea For More Than A Month Finds The Way Back Home

Dog survives 5 weeks lost at sea, finds the way back home

Nick Hayworth, a fisherman couldn’t have foreseen that his one-year-old German shepherd, Luna would one day fall of his boat while he was fishing in the Pacific ocean. However, this unfortunate incident happened.  Nick was devastated by this, but he was sure that his dog would make it to shore; She was a good swimmer after all. He stayed in the area where he lost her for two more days before he stopped his private search to report to the authorities.

Nick went to the Colorado naval base to request assistance, and after a week of thorough search, Nick had to swallow the possibility that he had lost his companion. The search ended, and luna was considered lost at sea and presumed dead.

Dog Lost At Sea For More Than A Month Finds The Way Back Home

Some time passed and the Navy staffers were shocked to find luna waiting for them on San Clemente Island. Luna had apparently swum 2 miles to San Clemente which is 80 miles off the coast of San Diego. Even more surprising was the fact that Luna had somehow managed to live through a series of heavy El Nino` storms and was happily wagging her tail at the Naval personnel who found her.

The twist to the story, however, is that Luna wouldn’t have survived. if it weren’t for the storms providing rainwater she would have died of dehydration because the island contains no fresh source of water. Hence, Luna survived by drinking the rainwater that gathered in puddles after the rains and eating up dead seagulls and fish that washed up on the shore. By some stroke of luck or miracle, the storms which should have killed her provided the sustenance she needed

Dog Lost At Sea For More Than A Month Finds The Way Back Home

Though a little worn out and undernourished, Luna was glad to be reunited with her family. You can be sure that there would be some changes to make sure that Luna doesn’t go the same horrific experience. However, on a lighter note, Luna should have earned her the title “Pirate”. That’s pirate Luna to you.

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