Dogs Prove that They’re Having Worse Days than You Do

Having a bad day is nothing to new to us. But these pets showed us an entirely new perspective of our “ruff” days.

  1. Dig Until You Fall

If you think you’re having a bad day, just look at this French bulldog who tumbled down as he tried to get comfy in his couch…


  1. The Foot just Got Stuck in His Mouth

The best way to shut your mouth is to just cover it with your foot! This goldie is supposedly being reprimanded by his hooman but he chose to just shove his foot and shut his mouth.

  1. The Ball Came in Late

This dog tried to stretch exactly at the same time his owner threw the ball and the result is hilarious!

  1. Siblings who have No Concept of Personal Space

Siblings are like are shadows that don’t let us have our alone time. Just like this one goldie who seems to be so attached to her big sis and has no concept of personal space!

  1. Bubble Butt

We can’t blame our dogs if they seem to be not in the mood for cuddles. Just look at this pup and imagine the feels!

  1. Zoomies on Couch are Fun!

Zoomies among dogs are random bursts of energy and they’re all normal. This highly energetic pooch was caught on cam spending every ounce of his energy on their couch! This dog has a lot of explaining to do!

  1. Being a Dog is Hard Work

This dog is an epitome of someone who had a long and tiring day! Check out that tongue hanging out!

  1. Bikini Fits for a Toy

It’s not new for dogs to chew and pick up random things, but this beagle went above and beyond chewing and picking up things. Watch this dog pick up one’s swimsuit while bathing under the sun.

  1. Run Away Dog..and Table

When this cute lab saw a head-turner black pup, his head literally spun around and ran after the pooch, including the table!

  1. Size Doesn’t Matter

Size doesn’t matter! Watch how this midget cat defeats the giant dog in their fist fight!