People Are Showing Us the “Most Unflattering” Pictures of Their Furry Friends and They Are Adorably Monstrous

From intense research and investigation, we can definitely tell you that dogs and cats don’t have bad sides.

Not long ago,@baby_b0nes, who is a member of twitter told other members of the community to share the most unflattering pictures of their furry animals in what had swiftly turned into a delightfully funny thread

These are a few of the adorably monstrous pictures

1. Super cat with a slice of bread:

2. This little angel seemed quite unpleased with the angle:

3. This elegant beach picture that just never works out. No matter how ‘elegantly’ you try it.

4. This cute little pupperina looks like she’s had the longest day!

5. “How hard is it to get one nice photo around here? Just ONE!” Doggy cried

6. Obviously, this kitten does not like that his hooman friend had gone and leaked his pictures.

7. This little buddy who is he looks:

8. This doggy with the great teeth! We see them, man!

9. This little man who is a tad bit vexed his hooman got the wrong side

@baby_b0nes She ain’t got no NOOOOOSE

10. This chunker who really does not appreciate the paparazzi

11. This feline whose placement does not interpret that well on camera. Take no offense, Feline:

12. The smiling boy who is quite handsome.

13. C U T E ! !

14. Taking pictures while a sweetie is slurping?

15. You don’t have a bad side, Stan!

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