See the Unbelievable Transformation of a Cat to an Accordion

In what is now a viral video, the emerging pictures of a cat’s stunning look after a visit to the Groom has gotten everyone to liken him to an accordion.

Only recently, a Twitter user, Caitlin, shared this epic “before” and “after” picture of Oliver and we can’t help but let out heaves of OMG as to the laughable changes that surely vexed his owners.


 Caitlin’s post has since been viewed in the thousands by people either drawing a comparison to its accordion-like furry appearance or those surprises at the laughable outcome.

Truth is, appearance matters a great deal and there are times when we come out looking worse than before the need for a shave and if you have had a very bad visit to the Salon before, you should be able to empathize better the reason for the obvious rant that would follow as this post proves especially as Oliver ended up sporting an accordion rather than a new and improved look.

Read Twitter User, Caitlin’s Hilarious Story About Oliver’s Haircut


 What’s More Hilarious Than This Obviously Apt Reaction to a Bad Haircut as Her Mom Sent to Her


 Oliver’s New Look Shared by Caitlin

 The post read in verbatim

“I’m gonna effin kill your father!!! He dropped Oliver off for his groom and this is how he came back. Like seriously gonna puke! I’m so maddddd. Waited 2 months for this [appointment] WTF!!! I can’t even look at Oliver… He looks absolutely ridiculous,”

Safe to Say She Was Less Than Pleased at Oliver’s New Look


 It Seems the Blame is on Her Dad on This One.

Before(Left) and After(Right) Pics of Oliver.


 In a disclosure to bored panda, according to Caitlin, it was revealed that it was a rather tongue-in-cheek attempt at a joke to “cut him like a tiger” by her dad that caused the eventual outlook of Oliver in the likeness of an accordion, a joke which expectedly did not sit well with her mom who as shown in the transcripts of their conversation, was fuming


 “Cut Him Like a Tiger”

Trust the Tweeter Community to Do Its Thing

Call it innovation, ingenuity or a call for change, but it’s safe, to say the least expected resulted was what was produced and who can blame Oliver’s mom for her ranting after the poor fluffy cat became a comical meme for internet points. LoL!

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